Medicine in the Tide Country- Chapter 3

Notes From the Other Medical Personnel

Medical camp in Tipligheri (a small village in sundarban) is a memorable event in my life. I was so excited because it was the first medical camp that I have ever attended. It was a new experience beyond our hospital based medical education and clinical practice.

We have had many plan in our mind, but time was limited, so we consolidated our plan aiming only upon the school children’s health checkup.We came across a few health problems like dental cavities, malnutrition,worm infestation prevalent among the school child of this area.We also got some idea regarding their lifestyle.According to mother of some child they can’t provide nutritious food like fruit,green leafy vegetable,milk,fish,meat etc. to their child because of economical problem.They can’t seek medical advice easily duo to long distance from hospital and lack of transport facility. Teachers were very helpful and supportive of our mission.The local people were very happy to have their child get checked. The kids were thrilled after getting a kit containing toothbrush,toothpaste,combs,soap and biscuit.

Thanks to Amrita Seattle for organizing this health camp.

I am very grateful to be a part of this program.

                                               – Dr. Priyajit Mandal


Health camp in Tipligheri island, sundarban, organised by Dr.Sujit Pal,on behalf of Amrita-Seattle was the first but undoubtedly successful approach in that region.Being a part of that health camp, I am heartily thankful to Amrita-Seattle for providing me a wonderful platform for serving those tribal children. It was great working  in the field with Sujit sir, my seniors Dr. Sabyasachi, Dr.Priyajit and Dr.Niladri and my friend Tuphan. I am eagerly waiting for getting more opportunities of working with this team.

                                               –     Snehasish Baidya (final year MBBS student)


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